Monday, November 29, 2010


Those three words will change your life. I sat in the presence of a prolific power by the name of Bishop Carlton Pearson who brought forth a word that was so thorough you had to keep standing up so things wouldn’t fly over your head. Amongst a large assortment of prophetic things that he said, he, towards the end of the sermon, focused on letting things go. LET IT GO! He then touched on something I wrote about a couple of days ago… Loving yourself.

When you begin to love yourself your perspective of you changes, your perspective of circumstances changes, and what you allow changes. You realize that you no longer need to be validated by the drama surrounding your life. But you wont realize this until you see your worth… then you WILL LET IT GO.

Let’s try it today, right now, even if you’re a guy, hug yourself and say I LOVE AND FORGIVE YOU. I almost cry every time I do… must mean I was very hard on myself… wow that’s deep.

Love ya!

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  1. Megan, I just found your blog and I am reading back through the archives. You are such a blessing to me. Your words resonate deeply with what I believe and what I know. I love Carlton Pearson. He is truly a man of God and his words speak to me as well.

    I found you on YouTube and you inspire me. I am 52 and just starting to get myself fit. It is never too late and all things are possible. Keep at it. I expect to hear and see more about you. What a future you have!