Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ellen Degeneres asked 10 year-old Willow Smith what it means to “whip your hair”, she responded (with one hand on her hip and the other in the air), “It means I’m doing me and that’s it, so…” At the tender age of 10 she knows just how important it is to be YOU and not care what others might think. This is a valuable lesson that I learned within these past few years. Living this life is hard enough, but existing for the approval of others is simply unbearable.

Be you today… just try it out for size, if you don’t like you, well you can always go back to ummmm whoever you are.

Be Blessed, MUAH


  1. What's amazing is, to learn, you finally realize to do you recently and all along I'm sure many of us felt you were doing you! River runs deep!

  2. That is really deep and sooo very true. I thought I was doing me too... that's the real funny thing! But it is a personal journey that we all go through to get to the depth or root of who we really are. You know?