Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Divine Intentions lead to Divine Interventions

GOOD MORNING! WOW I am truly having some divine appointments in my life these days. It seems like everyone I meet is specifically placed in my life and I in theirs. We all have things in common that we couldn’t make up and certainly would not have expected. This morning when I wakened to yet another beautiful day here in ATL, I thought to myself, this is DIVINE… this is really divine.

I realized that once I realized my passion, combined it with my purpose, then backed it with good intentions… the universe simply aligned. WOW indeed!
Divine Intentions lead to Divine Interventions, trust me. Today, this week, the rest of the year, pray of what your goals are, what they should be, your purpose and your intentions…. Then MOVE ON IT… ROCK the rest of 2010 like a Cali Quake!


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