Monday, January 10, 2011

Be what you need.

So last week we touched on finding ourselves alone at times and how that’s not always a “bad” thing… it’s all in your perception, right? Ok well let’s continue with that thought of being alone, I’m sure we haven’t found our greatest and dearest friend that quick. LOL
It seems that when we’re alone one of two things happen; 1. We either become very focused and aggressive with the things we need to do (fulfilling our purpose or dreams) or 2. We become depressed and do the exact opposite. But regardless of which one we choose 1 or 2, we have to realize that we’re alone and have to be that which we need. Ok let me slow it down. If you are in the midst of your 40-day fast, you are in the forrest alone, right? Ok that means you have to be your Lover, Spouse, Friend, Chef, Motivator, Encouragement, Peace, Truth… the list goes on, You have to be these things for yourself. Now if you choice #2, then you also need to be your own Counselor.

This Blog is about stepping up and being what You Need. Be encouragement- look in the mirror and thank yourself for being yourself. Write a To Do List and as you check things off that you’ve accomplished, congratulate yourself…. Trust me if it wasn’t for me, I’d be at #2 right now.


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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have really been fighting somethings in my life as of late. I have recently decided to make some major changes in my life, one of which is take control of my weight and my health. I am also trying to take control of the way I look at and feel about myself. For most of my life I have always looked down at myself, been my own worst enemy. Easily falling into choice #2. I am making the decision to change to choice #1.

    I have a long road a head of me in all that I am doing to change. I know it's not going to be easy. But I know it is something that the Lord has been working on getting me to do for sometime now. (I just finally decided to wake up and listen.) Thank you for your encourageing thoughts, words, and love to people like myself whom you've never met and may never meet in this life.

    Keep up the good work and God Bless!