Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Give it up turn it loose.

I sat with some friends of mine and my Spirit sobbed at the tumultuous atmosphere that had been created. While sitting and listening I said to myself, “Wow I’ve got to pray over this.” As the night progressed things became even more grim and I simply felt heavy. But this morning while doing my morning practice, while praying for them, I said, literally, “God, You may have this problem, done!” and I didn’t say another word. (pertaining to that). Instantly I felt relieved and satisfied. I like that, satisfied. Because I know for a fact that God heard me and is more then willing to take that on.

Giving up that which ails you does not mean that you don’t care, it means you care about YOU. We can all say we have something that we need to give up and turn loose… What are you waiting for?


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