Friday, April 1, 2011

"Don't Freak Out"

We made it once again to another Friday! This morning (April fools day, a day I really enjoy... I love the jokes) I remembered the words balance and patience.

Sometimes we get caught up in the process and forget to enjoy the journey, smell the flowers, admire the scenery. I know that I'm a bit of a "right now" person... When something needs to get done, let's get it done. I've learned that yes thid is an affective attitude but it lacks a sense of graceful acceptance. As I've said to myself before, this is a journey called life... Lifelong. It is best travelled while smiling.

So all of us have "stuff" we're working on (work, school, family, health, and self etc), however we can not rush time we can only embrace it.

Today, while I crack jokes, that's what I'm going to do... Get done what I need to and not freak out about the rest... All in due time.

MUAH "TGIF, I can't hear nobody thank God that it is Friday!"
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  1. TGIF but TYLFAD! ( Thank You Lord For Another Day ) Be blessed Megan. LYL LYS!