Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be Open

Hi Everyone! Long time no talk to. :0)

Please forgive my delay, I've had horrible technical issues (computers crashing)... and ultimately needing to take a break – even though I've been working on other things :0). I am back in the world of Social Media and I'm GLAD about it. I've truly missed you all, and have been “loosing it” without my blog (writing and reading your responses). But all is better thanks be to GOD!

During this time “away” I realized that my prayers changed, well my gratitude changed. I found myself being thankful for my NEW understandings, NEW inspirations, NEW innovations, ideas, thoughts, truths, etc. I realized that I may stretch other people's beliefs, understandings, and/or knowings, but mine really wasn't being pressed. Does that make sense? So I asked God that I grow more, see more, feel more, and am given the opportunity to reveal more... to myself. I would never think that my mind would be able to handle anymore expansion, but here I am.

My desire is that we all, wake afresh every morning, open to what this great universe has to offer. There's a song by Richard Smallwood entitled, “Be Open” one of my favorites by him. The words speak about being open to the Spirit, being open to the Word, being open to His Power moving through our lives... powerful song. I had my Mom listen to it many years ago; I cried... she didn't seem very moved. LOL

So that's where this “fast” of sorts has led me... to be open.

It's Thursday... lets bring the end of the week in with a BANG! BOOM!



  1. You are funny and inspirational. Loved your comment about not viewing my body as my enemy - I use the text as a screen saver now. At the risk of sounding like a creepy stalker, when we visit Atlanta this spring, can we meet you somewhere and take a picture with you? For real!

  2. Megan! I'm a huge fan, and baby, I'm freezin' in Maine! MWAH!