Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Better not Bitter

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh she’s just bitter.”? Most likely we’ve all heard it somewhere or have said it ourselves. Bitter is usually referred to as someone who is now jealous of someone else’s current situation OR a person who is very deeply affected by something that happened to them (or their involvement therein). Usually when someone is bitter, they feel like they “lost-out” or got the short end of the stick in the deal. Right? A bitter person is not the easiest person to be around and usually stays on the pity-pot.

But glory for the Better! Better comes in when we realize that because of what we went through… because of… we are a better vessel, a better influence, and a better witness of change. When we can see the human revolution evolving by way of these events that may not always be the “ideal” in our minds, we then obtain the better. Being overly confident, being more attractive then the new girlfriend or husband is not the better… being able to say, “I’m better not bitter” is not the better. The better is the lesson; and the lesson is the internal growth that is applied to all things YOU. (I’m talking so good today!;0)

So we’re better because we know the greater purpose is our destiny in which we are already predestined to reach.

I’m going to read this one again tomorrow! LOL

Hey happy Tuesday, welcome back to work some of you!



  1. Predestined futures or not, I love and value your insight around this difficult issue. It's sometimes so hard to get past being hurt. Forgiveness may not come a soon as one wants, and it cannot be forced. It may be better to focus on looking for the 'better,' allowing forgiveness to come when it can.

  2. You just dont know how much I needed to read this today..I have finally put my "bitterness" behind me and I am walking in my "better" toward my greater purpose. God bless you hunnie! LYLLUS

  3. Girl, you are so awesomely inspiring!!! There are lessons in everything!! The hardships you go through bring lessons, and when you "get" what the lesson is and apply it to your life, you come out on the other side bigger, better, wiser!! Keep doing you Boo!!

  4. When I was in the Miss Teenage KY pageant at 16, one of the questions, during the interview portion was, "Who do you envy". My response was, "I don't envy anyone, but I admire many" And I still feel that way today!

  5. They need to add a check-box that says "inspiring"! <3 it!!!!