Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hope for Others

So how was yesterday? Mine was great. I spoke with the young lady and we have an appointment today. :0)

She mentioned some things to me in our conversation that not only hurt my heart, but made me a little angry. She lives in a home with her family and doesn’t seem to have any support. How much easier would things (life) be if we would support one another. The bottom line is that we’re in this together and the more we give the more we receive. Basic stuff right? Not so much.

For many more reasons then I’d like to go over, some of us can have a “crabs in the bucket” mentality, (misery loves company syndrome) - which does nothing but place negative energy in and throughout our own existence. Remembering to attract to ourselves that which we desire for ourselves, is incorporated with the unconditional hope for others. You can not only wish for self-good – I don’t think it works that way. LOL
If one member of the household is miserable… everyone is. This is why I’m a firm believer of Moms taking time out for themselves… when their not happy NO ONE IS! People hear me.

Today let’s support someone’s efforts to better themselves. Better yet let’s help someone that’s not even asking.

It’s been a busy day already…ALREADY! :0) and I’m grateful. Happy Tuesday Folks, MUAH


  1. Megan, I'm new to your site. but love everything about it.. thanks so much for the positive and thought provoking words.. do you ever speak to Christian Groups??

  2. You speak my language !! I started watching you on the your weather clips and think you are the funniest woman alive, but it inspires me so that you are also so educate, intelligent and your heart is so big and you are so giving of yourself !!! Thanks for bringing smiles, wisdom, and thought provoking moments to our days ! God Bless.

  3. I grew up in a household like this one. When I gratudated from high school, the only one of six, I thought my siblings were going to kill me. When I had the nerve to attend and graduate college, man was I out of order. When I would come home for visits, one of my older sisters would attempt to beat me up. It's funny now, but man did it take a while to get over that mess. Tell the young lady to stay strong and you continue Megan to be blessed. J

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  5. I totally agree! It is very important to support one another. I have a friend that just found out shes pregnant and her mom is not helping at all because she isn't married. She is telling her stuff like she must not love her mom because she is pregnant. Please pray for her and this situation. My brother in law is the father and it doesn't help that her mom doesn't like him. Just pray please.

  6. WOW! Thank you so much for these comments. I hope you know that I am encouraged by theses from your soul. @? Yes I speak to Christain Groups, contact me at: mcgloverable@gmail.com
    @? 1 & 2 Thank you so I'm glad I can make you smile... and I'm proud of the transformation that is you. @Jas WELCOME to the Life of Love! also email me at: mcgloverable@gmail.com ASLSO go to my other FB page: McGloverable this is where we dicuss health (youtube: mcgloverful).
    @MommaT I will pray for your friend, and as long as she remains clear and is surrounded by friends like you, she and her baby will be just fine.
    MUAH, Megan