Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome in the Positive

It’s one thing to be cautious, it is yet another to be down-right pessimistic. I can say that because I once suffered from that same self-inflicted worrisomeness. Surely we should not jump feet first into every situation that we approach or are approached with, but we should however have an underlined sense of successful comfort; this confidence that ALL things work for the good, and that ALL things will be added unto us… Right?

Wouldn’t that thought pattern make this journey we call life much easier? Try it. Think back to something that happened just yesterday… before it happened what was your thought? What about during and then after? Did you have that split second of extreme doubt that almost made you nervous? Then after whatever happened we found it to be a very small thing or no-thing at all. I like to think of these moments as quick spurts of anxiety… that we can control. Many books teach this… “what you’ve learned can be unlearned.” Having fearful and negative thoughts have been a condition of ours for just about our whole adult life, but we can and WILL change it.

I’ve found that the joy of positive thinking is simply more fun and a lot less stressful. Tomorrow remind me to write about the difference between KNOWING and Believing… WHEW powerful stuff.

So our challenge… I don’t like that, our VICTORY is to change our initial ideas (PRE) of things… ALL things. Welcome in your positive, not the negative. CALL it to You.

LUL, LUS! MUAH, Megan Oh wait a minute is today Thursday… See I told you guys, and you thought it was soooo awful Monday morning. :0)

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  1. Kathy Bailey MeyersFebruary 11, 2011 at 7:36 AM

    Great blog Megan. Last nite I had my guitar lesson,I was feeling stressed. My guitar instructor and I were busting on each other. Finally I told him I had a bad week. His response,Kathy you ALWAYS have a bad week,when do you not? Ahhhh,ding ding ding,I didnt like the perception he had of me. Heres a opportunity to turn the negatives into postives. Now Im going to think more postive,even with the negs.