Monday, February 28, 2011

Give Yourself a Break!

Good Monday Morning!
Tell me what ya’ll think about this; I’m sensitive about “beating myself up” and others who do the same (to themselves). I believe it stems from not feeling the “approval” I wanted in my younger years. Let me explain. We all know that we are our worst critic, and that critique in our heads can become debilitating if not carefully watched. It is one thing to call forth the best in us, yet another to be down-right mean when we haven’t accomplished what we think we should have in the time-frame we set for that accomplishment. For example, some want to become kinder people. In the midst of them trying to become just that, they slip up and say something really rude to a co-worker…then say something even worse to themselves because “OMG, I’m trying to be a nicer person!”

It seems to me the more we beat ourselves up for not being who or what we “ought” to be, the more we’re exactly what we don’t want to be. SO STOP IT! Ok, so you want to loose weight, you’ve made the decision to do so but haven’t gone to the gym yet. Yes, that’s not the goal, but the more you make yourself feel bad about not going to the gym, the closer you get to the donuts and further away from the dumb-bells.

Give yourself a break! Geesh! Aunty O says, “When you know better you do better” I say, “When you feel better, you’ll do more.” Today is a new day, so start afresh… yesterday is gone, but by-golly today has “only just begun.”

Last week was great! (heck we made it through didn’t we?) So it gets greater later, right? Well this week is later! :0) DO IT BIG!!!!!!



  1. Well said, I am so hard on myself and so forgiving of others. Hiya hit the nail on the head with this one. The first step to changing is realizing we are not perfect and accept our own mistakes. Progress cannot be made without trial an error when you are exploring the unknown.

  2. Auntie O is clearly wrong! I could write the book on losing weight. I seem to know it and choose, downright CHOOSE, not to do right. You, however, may be on to something!

  3. Very well said!! I enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Well, maybe you said it in the beginning, "not feeling the "approval" I wanted in my younger years"

    I think that's a learned behavior that people/we grow up with. When you mean wanting the "approval", I'm assuming from a parent or guardian or whoever who makes you feel whatever you do make sure it's your best. Or just the approval of approving me for who or WHAT I am....Sometimes its good to beat yourself up, depending on the situation, if you don't beat yourself up or PUSH yourself(depending on the situation), are you really stretching WHO you are WHAT you can become?

    Or is that we are beating ourselves up for not being who we "ought" to be because we still subconsiously still NEED or WANT THE "approval" from the younger years??....Or maybe not a learned behavior...possbily inherited...

  5. Great blog today, Megan! Why is it that we know who we ought to be; we know who we WANT to be and we know exactly what we have to do to get there, but yet, we still don't do it? Perhaps it's what you said ... we are still punishing ourselves. There may be something deep down inside that we feel we don't deserve it. Just a thought. Get your heads on straight people ... DON'T BE STUPID! LOL And by the way, just so you know I'm not being all self-righteous, I'm one of those people sometimes! ;-)