Monday, February 14, 2011


Ok so we’ve arrived at a beautiful day that can to some be dreadful. This day some say is yet another political holiday for the masses to make money off of us, while this may be true, the same can be said about Christmas, right? So we have to remember the reason for the season. What’s the reason? LOVE. Simple and Sweet. “Love, Sweet Love”… as Anita Baker would say.

I like to think of today as more then just romantic love, one to another, but a universal love for all. I decided yesterday, while in church that I was going to spend some time today (either on the phone or in person) with someone that may not have anyone to speak to or be with. And behold someone walked down the aisle of the church yesterday, who I hope I can help. (she has extreme weight concerns)… I’m looking forward to being her valentines today.

It’s important that every now and again we view Love in it’s purest form, remembering that God is just that… Love. As those created in that same image, perhaps we can begin a movement of Love on Feb.14th, that travels throughout the remainder of the year to every heart and soul that needs a true reflection of God in US!

I hope that YOU are enjoying this magnificent day… the wonderful words, comments, prayers, and support that I’ve received from you all has been the BEST Valentines Present EVER! Thank YOU! MUAH, Megan McGlover

Happy Monday… :0)


  1. Megan, I am a fan from Prescott, Arizona. I think you are awesome and so real. I wish there were more people like you in the world.

  2. Kathy Bailey MeyersFebruary 14, 2011 at 9:10 AM

    Its not just love for another,its love for friends,kids,people you see in your life everyday. I gave cards and candy to my kids,people in my life I care about,thats what Valentines Days about.

  3. Wow. What a way to spend your day. Thanks for the confirmation. We are giving valentines to the sick today.

    Arbysag Smith

  4. Love as you so plainly put it ..should not be complicated, judgemental not prejudice..... If you love Jesus than you should be loving everything that has breath.... Happy Love day to you...

  5. Love your blog Megan...I've been hooked since the first weather report and have found inspiration, humor, and thought provoking daily writings. I look forward to checking here every day to see what new insight you have in store for us. Your dedication to health and God is truely inspirational. God bless you today and always, keep up the good work!!

  6. Dear sweet and funny Megan, you are original and deeeeelightful! As you speak your expression is original and real and you relate wonderfully to your listenters thru the camera. Please please don't get hit with the Oprah- stick, where conversations become choreographed, predictable, politically correct, and well, not Stepford, maybe the many things she does well, but, I'm just saying....BE YOU and stand strong. Many will try to pull you to be a face for their cause...please be the woman you were created to be. Love your energy and spunk. Hope you have a wonderful grounded accountability person in your life. May you continue to be a and be loved.

  7. @Kathleen, I most certainly love the intro :0) I am going to continue to be ME... 100% @Robbie thank you so much for your support, you are so right. @? YES giving to the needy is love in and of itself!!! @Michelle, thank you! @Kathy, YES! @? from AZ I'm so honored by your words. THANK YOU ALL!