Friday, February 11, 2011

Knowing vs. Believing

The story is longer then the importance of the point… so I’ll get right to it. Someone once told me, “The difference between you and I is you believe and I know.” As I sat there saying to myself, “You don’t know me!”… my Spirit began to reveal the prophetic-ness of that statement. The conversation was a combination of many different topics that spread over a four hour period - from why we do what we do, to where we’re going based on where we’ve been. But this stuck in my head and is something I’ve shared with others (my friends)… like you.

We have been taught to believe in things; i.e. hope, our dreams, our religion, our relationships, ourselves… and of course, God. Belief is a strong feeling based on past revelations examined and taught through the interpretation of lessons. (ooooweeeee that was deep). It is the underpinning of just about everything that we do, have done, and will do – this belief however leaves room for happenstance. However when we know something, no space is left, the cup is full and running over. When you know your spouse, those whom you have a relationship with, when you know what is (not what you believe), there is an unbelievable condition of tangible trust and faith (God’s love for us). This condition is never replaced… it comes with every thought and experience. For example believing in God and knowing in God are two different things. Believing in yourself and knowing yourself are two different things based on action. A belief can be changed, a knowing can only be proven.

So, knowing that I am that I am, and believing that I will soon become that through (whatever it takes to become that I am that I am etc…) … are the difference between, action (I will) and thought (I’ll try).

When we know God and know that all things work for the good, there is no doubt or hope that things will work out… because we KNOW God (not His thoughts or plans necessarily)… but we KNOW that we KNOW – that’s the best way I can say it. Same goes for knowing ourselves, not just believing in ourselves. See what I mean?

Perhaps I should write a little book on this. This is deep stuff… well I think. :0) Let me know what you think.



  1. Absolutely awesome! God is speaking to you! Thank God for the wisdom and revelation from His heart!

    Bless you sis!


  2. good stuff meegan mcglover! i love it! its very powerful

  3. Very very good stuff, and yes, I think you should write a book about it. I would buy it : ) I really appreciate your thoughts and that you share them with us. Have a great weekend! It's gonna be warmer, woo hoo!!


  4. Yes, please, tell us more! I think this is an interesting perspective. I've been going through my own little spiritual journey lately... I won't call it a wilderness, but it is definitely a foreign land! Thanks for sharing. LYL, LYS <3
    - Maureen C.

  5. Knowing vs. Believing! What an interesting thought. There are many people who "know" about God. Even Satan knows about God. But knowing about God will not give you an eternal life in heaven when we die. That only comes when we "believe" in God's son, Jesus Christ! Belief that he came as a baby, lived a perfect life, and died on the cross for us is the ultimate! Knowledge can be powerful, but also deceiving if that's all you have. It is the belief that you have personally experienced a time when you acknowledge that you have sinned against a perfect Savior that sets belief apart from knowledge.

  6. Kathy Bailey MeyersFebruary 11, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    God is good,through him,all things are possible.

  7. @Kathy, Heidi, Maureen, Songstress and Lina, THANK YOU and I will put that book on the TO DO LIST. :0) The power within that knowing is INCREDIBLE!
    @Wandatland, Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. In this post I'm not speaking of knowledge, although that is essential, rather I am talking about knowing, which can not be learned or taught. And while believing is important, I know that Knowing is ultimately powerful. What do you think?

    MUAH everyone! have a GREAT weekend

  8. I don't know that I ever thought about the difference as you have put it here, but now that I have, you are SO right!! I've been through some bumpy spots recently, but I've always KNOWN that I'd come out OK on the other side. Not just believed I would, but KNEW I would. And that is powerful indeed.
    well done!

  9. I believe I know what you mean!LOL Interesting thought.I think the two are intertwined.To truly believe a thing is to know it.I believe I'm going to heaven when this life is over,but I also KNOW it.I enjoy your posts Megan McGlover.I rarely comment but I enjoy reading intelligent thought.Keep it up and may God richly bless you.

  10. With belief, there lies the flip side of doubt. Knowing is a sense of awakening and accepting that which is true - which leaves doubt on sidelines, not even to be considered! Thanks for your thoughts, Megan. Always on the mark, and right up my alley! Keep going - your path is getting wider and faster - enjoy the ride!! love, Dan

  11. I guess this goes along with the idea of Believing is a thought process which have you thinking things might or will happen. Truth/Trusting is verifying the facts with your own senses. Knowing is just a combination of faith and conviction...Although I don't think we all ever will see the truth, it's good to have an understanding of where your ideas, thoughts, belief are being used at what time. In a sense with this awareness you are better to distinct whether it's knowledge or belief that is encourgaging your behaviors and/or decisions.
    By the way the post was very thought provoking...Thankyou.

  12. @Barbara, Luke, Ambitious, and Daniel...WOW! Your comments really help me! Motivate my thoughts and understandings...THANK YOU!