Friday, February 4, 2011

This will be simple and sweet…

Love on yourself like you just found the person of your dreams and they are wining and dining you like the royalty you are. Imagine you have come and swept yourself off your feet, saved you from a day of issues, and caressed your very woes with a gentle hand of confidence. Hug yourself passionately as if reuniting in the airport from a long absence. Massage you thoughts, like a gentle whisper of kindness from your truest love during a rough day’s work. Congratulate yourself for making it through yet another long week, by expressing aloud how proud you are of you…

Love on yourself, experience Love at its finest hour, its most precious interpretation.

Some of us have had quite a few ups and downs (emotionally) this week… now it’s time to relax, for just a moment and recognize that jewel deep in the midst of our very existence.

It is in fact Friday and tomorrow is the weekend! So get up, stretch it out and SHOUT! :0)
MUAH Oh and go… Steelers or wait Packers… Oh that’s it go Super Bowl COMMERCIALS! LOL


  1. YOU Are A STAR of constellational proportions! :)

    Thank you for sharing, shining and expressing your LIGHT!

  2. I agree that we so must start with ourselves before we can even think of loving on another.. and People wonder why their respective relationships do not work... Love thy self first and then allow all to flow both ways to give and to the fullest.
    Peace Love and Hair Grease to Ya
    Tony V

  3. Great word to end the week. I'm beginning to check in daily to hear the word for the day. What a joy! Have a great weekend, Sistah!

  4. Kathy Bailey MeyersFebruary 4, 2011 at 5:50 PM

    Women were taught at a early age to give to others,leaving themselves last. Since Im putting myself first,learning to love me,I find Im a much happier person.

  5. Megan.

    My name is Jenny. Mother of 3... blogger, vlogger... yadda, yadda... I just spent the last, oh... 45 minutes over there on the YouTube. Laughing...

    In fact, I posted one of your vids on my site on Monday...

    Also, I am not stalking, though my behavior would suggest such things.

    Aaanwho. You are a breath of fresh air and I would love take you to coffee if 1) you lived closer and 2) if I didn't just make myself out to be a creeper.

    I should go. Peace and Sparkles,
    Jenny On the Spot

  6. I love you these comments. Thank you so much for the support not only for me, but for YOURSELVES! I see in your words the pure joy and evolution that screams through.... I just love it! YES YES YES! @Jenny LOL