Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clarity is Protection

Let’s peggy-back on yesterday’s blog, shall we? :0) So yesterday we remembered to keep in mind the things that make us tick, ensuring we know these things, we then remain connected to the Living Vine. Let’s look a little more deeply into those around us. I will tread softly here, but sometimes things need to be clear, right? Ok here we go :0).

The same amount of power and energy that each of us have, others have too. What I mean by that is, we must be careful of not only our intentions, but the intentions of those around us…because they too have the capability to actualize their thoughts. Let’s go further. Let’s say you want to loose weight, so in the midst of your excitement you tell a few people. Perhaps one of these persons doesn’t like themselves, which reflects on the “real” way they feel about you (subconsciously of course)… and it seems like every time you’re around them you gain weight! (i.e. their negative attitude towards your progress, their sly comments, their overall distaste for the positive direction you’re moving in. and etc.) This cheapens the whole idea of, “I’m doing this for me” concept.

Now we’re not mind-readers so how can we know? Good question, Megan. The only thing that I can think of is being clear. Seek clarity from God and stick with it! Don’t sway back and forth based on what someone else thinks is good for you…which is based on what they’re not even doing for their own Spiritual growth. (Come on Somebody!)
Be careful what you share and with whom, sometimes the statement, “I can show you better then I can tell you.” is the best protection against someone else’s intentions.

Let’s move forward in what we know if best for us… that will really be best for us ALL.

It’s Thursday over here… What day is it over there? Cause I’m celebrating TGIF tomorrow, regardless. :0) MUAH

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  1. This is good stuff Megan, thanks for the insight........