Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stitches Mean You’re Healing

Last year a friend of mine dropped a glass while washing the dishes and badly cut her hand. After wrapping it up, she realized it wasn’t going to stop bleeding and went to the hospital. The cut was very deep and required a few stitches (I was there and I took pictures. ;0) Fortunately she was not in any pain and no major arteries were cut.

However, her healing process wasn’t so easy. She experienced pain, was limited in her movements, and spent most of her time concerned about how “ugly” the scar was going to be. After the required time, the stitches came out, the scar went away, and her hand was back to normal.

The point of this story is this; Open wounds become infected and don’t heal… go get some stitches. When we realize a situation is not going to stop bleeding on its own, or an emotional wound is not something small but a very deep cut, the only way to ensure proper healing is to stitch it up. They hurt and aren’t the best thing to look at, and can leave scars, but they expedite what could be a life-time lesion.

We all have had something in our lives that caused us to cry, right? We all have an on-going story… but how will yours end? Will it be an encouraging word urging someone to move forward, or a depressing story of someone who never experienced real joy?

It is a BEAUTIFUL DAY here in ATL…. WOWzers! Let’s make it count!


  1. Great message! Thanks for reminding me of my favorite quote: "To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you." ~ Lewis B. Smedes
    Hope you're having an awesome day, Megan! ;-)

  2. That's deep....enough said...

  3. thanks megan...

  4. so true about open wounds... and tending to wounds even when it hurts like hell to *heal* It's hard work, but when it does heal, it makes it easier to face other wounds and to just FACE things in general... It seems like we're always doing the Bravery walk when we're aware. :)