Friday, March 2, 2012

Greatest Love Of All

Many many years ago, my cousin Nicole would sing this song at family gatherings and church events and it just reminds me of the good ‘ole days.

What about the Babies? Those of you who know me best, know how I feel about the state of our children… Mercy! But this song speaks to so much more then just the kids and taking care of them, it speaks to the heart in us all. Again and again we are told to Love ourselves, and find that deep richness that is inside each one of us… but the world gets in the way and we sometimes find ourselves looking on the outside for nourishment, to fulfill our needs.

Remember the song, “I’m going to let my little light shine?” One of the verses is, “hide it under a bushel, NO!...” This is what the song means to me. Have pride in yourself and where you’ve come from, the amount of success you’ve had, how you could’ve easily been worse-off if you hadn’t made the hard decisions that you did. As Whitney said, don’t walk in anyone’s shadow… you don’t need to. Have the confidence that you want children to grow up with – Be a Living Example. Show our children that the greatest Love they can have is the Love within. (…and God’s Love, Mom that’s for you. Love You ☺)

“Because the greatest Love of all is happening to me… I found the greatest Love of All INSIDE OF ME.” – Whitney Houston.

LYL LYS, Megan

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  1. I love it. THough I have my days where, I feel down, I do know that life could be worse. I always remind myself that there is someone out there that would almost give their life to be where I am because from their views I am much better of. Life gives you chances, all you can do is make the BEST of EACH one of them.