Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Believe In You And Me

Ok so I’m convinced that there are no coincidences… This is amazing. I just listened to Shelea’s Tribute as I do every morning, just up to the next song, so whatever I’m impressed to write is fresh and low-and-behold today’s song is so in line with the “theme” thus far.

After the hurt and pain, after understanding it all and learning the lessons of past mistakes… after opening your heart again, and allowing Love to bring you joy, You are finally Free to believe. Believe not only in the person you’re with, but believe in yourself as well. We can easily find ourselves in a place where we’ve given up, especially when it comes to the sensitive subjects; love, weight, success, parenting, etc… And this song speaks to the moment when you are so okay with YOU that it opens you up to be okay with them. You feel me? ☺

Today is a good day to go back and be impressed with yourself - Step out a little and dare to be proud of You… it’ll make the lessons easier to understand. When you’re down in the dumps you see nothing but trash, so lift your head and realize the things that have held you down. Then see, learn, and release. Once you’ve accomplished that, it becomes much easier to believe in the Love that you have with the one you Love. ☺

LYL LYL, Megan

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