Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It’s Not Right BUT It’s Ok

Ok so after re-watching the Oprah Winfrey interview with the great late Whitney Houston, I see that this song was made specifically about some events that literally happened between her and her ex-husband. You really shouldn’t mess with folk that have multi-million dollar singing contracts. LOL!

So the obvious point of this song is, “you did me wrong, but it’s cool… I will survive”… We all know this and can all say we’ve been through something and made it through to the other side. And that’s really it – We always make it to the other side.

I learned something about myself this week – IT ALWAYS WORKS OUT, ALWAYS. I’m convinced that regardless of what is hurled my way, things always work out and when I have a more positive outlook on things during the “mess”, it works out even better.

That’s my word for this evening… keep focused on the good, learn the lesson(s), and move on – it will always be OK.

Good night, sorry for the late blog, I’ve been busy all day. MUAH!

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