Monday, March 19, 2012

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

How many of us have had awesome news and just want to share it with someone? Someone that we know will be just as happy if not more so for us. This song makes me excited and happy… it actually makes me want to dance and I usually do that when I’m really excited about something.

I can actually say that when I have some news to share, I have someone that I can trust has my back – someone that will dance with me. It’s an amazing feeling but it took a lot of pain and discernment to get here.
I suppose I’m saying take the time to find the person(s) that will “raise the roof” with you in celebration. Unfortunately every person in our lives are not in 100% support of us regardless of what they say. Am I saying dwell on that or even look for it? No. I’m saying take the time to notice and surround yourself with folk that really Love You.

MUAH, Megan

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