Friday, March 23, 2012

How Will I Know

This song just makes your shoulders move in your seat. Go WH!!!!

It’s Friday so let’s keep it simply ☺. You know by the way it makes you feel. We excuse our feelings all the time, because there are things that we just need to get done. Therefore we disregard how it makes us feel. You know when your morals are being put to the side because of the sick feeling in your gut. You know when you’re in the midst of something you shouldn’t be because the hint of discomfort. You know something isn’t right, when it just doesn’t feel right. Stop ignoring those small and sometimes big flags – they’re there for a reason.

The same can be said about the good feelings too. The song is about something wonderful happening. Embrace those glorious feelings and multiply them by duplicating the same experiences over and over again.

TGIF FOR REAL! LOL keep careful this weekend ya’ll. See you Monday.

Don’t forget to check out the Movie, “Thy Will Be Done”

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