Monday, March 19, 2012

So Emotional

This song right here is about some truth. LOL Now I know for a fact that everyone of us has been here before. WHEWWWW! I mean just a mess when it comes to that someone. But here’s the wonderful thing about this song, WH is being honest about it. In today’s world no one wants to say how much they Love someone, or how much they are really effected by their presence for fear of a number of things… but so what. What do you loose by telling the truth? Ok they may not feel the same way, but what if they DO! Nine times out of ten if you’re feeling that strongly about them, they are feeling the same way (Law of Attraction). Unless of course you’re stalking someone. LOL
Wait that’s not a LOL, stop doing that. ☺

Let go of that tight rope and feel again. It’s ok to be "head over heels" over someone, it really is ok to be emotional, it’s part of being human. “It’s shocking what Love can do”~WH, so just allow it.

MUAH, Megan

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  1. thanks you know how to make a girl feel good!!!