Monday, March 12, 2012

Jesus Loves Me

Do y’all remember the first time you watched Body Guard and Whitney and her co-star (sister in the movie) broke out in this song? OMG the tears! That was so moving then and certainly is now.

So I was thinking, as I sometimes do (LOL)… there are quite a few people that do not believe in Jesus and I figured out why… His followers. Mystery solved. We prove something by trying to actualize it, make it plain and available to the person(s) we’re trying to prove it too, correct? So what’s up with most Christians? I personally have had a number of unpleasant interactions with some Christians that has made me think twice about a LOT of things, so I can just imagine how others may feel. Remember, “the Jesus in me, Loves the Jesus in you”? It is that that makes it… “soooo easy, so easy to Love”. So what’s the problem?

My blog so I say what I want. ☺ I personally think the problem is a lack of acceptance and respect. Well Megan what do you mean? I mean you can not punish someone into Love. It is that kindness and calming Spirit that draws people in, not the constant threat that what they’re doing is wrong and will lead them to hell (which again we can’t prove, I’m just saying). What ALL OF US can do is simply accept others and treat them as if we were raised that same way. I think that we don’t realize that people outside of this country and even within are raised to believe the way they do and have different ways of doing things or viewing things, because that’s how it’s been all their life. Be sensitive and empathetic before condemning and mean.

What’s the “big deal” about this song and perhaps what brought comfort to Whitney when she sang it, is that Jesus Loves You, and that strong belief that she was accepted she as she was probably had her holding on a lot longer then even she thought she could. Let us try to make it more about Me and You – we don’t always have to agree, but we should certainly be more accepting and Loving one to another.


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