Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When You Believe

“Many nights we prayed, with no proof anyone could hear… now we are not afraid… we were moving mountains before we knew we could…”

We’ve gotten out of the habit of expecting good things to happen. With the tragedy of things like Trayvon Martin, who can blame us! But my dear friends, we can not give up, if we do the negative that is all around wins and we are left with nothing.

This is why it is so important that we stick together in the mindfulness of positivity. It’s like what I tell my clients, “just when you’re ready to give up and don’t want to workout anymore, that’s exactly when you need to the most”… Things are a little grim for a lot of folk (economy, family loss, illness, work related stress, etc), so the energy in general is low and the only way to fix or counteract it is by BELIEVING and WORKING towards that which we want and are aiming for.

THERE CAN BE MIRACLES, sometimes we just have to be the Creator of them. ☺


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