Friday, March 9, 2012

My Love Is Your Love

I say to you today this, LIVE ON PURPOSE! Have I said this before? Probably, and I’m saying it again ☺ Have no regrets except the regret that you didn’t smile enough, enjoy enough, and breath enough.

This song is about Love, which all the good ones are… but outside of the obvious, it seems to say, regardless of your situation have something to live for. Whitney said, “even if we’re living on the streets” now you know aint nobody trying to live on the streets… but you get the point, right? If you have a purpose and a goal that makes you feel good, that will make your current condition just that… current not everlasting. Remember Tyler Perry’s humble beginnings? From what I know of his story he wasn’t sleeping in his car with someone else, so it wasn’t about the Love for someone that kept him going, it was the belief in his dream and the passion he had for doing what he loved most. (Not that the love for someone else would be any less)

Just singing this song makes you smile, doesn’t it? It helps me to hold on to my own dreams and know that regardless of what goes on around me, I’m in love with what I do… and will go to “judgment day” doing it, because it makes me laugh and enjoy living.

Go to the mirror today and look in it. Then think of something that makes you smile and then something that makes you laugh… HOLD that thought in your mind’s eye throughout the weekend and report back to me on Monday. Let’s see if we can’t get a Love Train started.


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