Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Want To Run To You

What a beautiful song… Doesn’t it seem like these songs are put in this order for some reason? Seems that way to me. Yesterday we talked about putting our pride aside and just really being with the one we Love. Before that we talked about finding that someone… today we see the pride has been set aside and true vulnerability is revealed and so is the fear, “Will you stay or will you run away?”.

The bottom line to me is the truth of our real feelings. If we’re not honest with ourselves in our most tender moments, we will never know if they would “run away” or stay… because we don’t give Love a chance for fear of rejection. Love, when really lived, is a very unveiling story that can humble the wildest beast – showing us all that we DO need someone.

We’ve all been hurt, rejected, and even lied to, and those painful times have made some of us declare to never again “allow” it to happen. But that staunch attitude and demeanor will keep a smile off your face, and a hole in your heart. Should we learn our lessons and learn from our mistakes, of course! Just don’t let the lessons harden your heart… it’s okay to Love again.

Happy Hump Day Peoples! Megan

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