Monday, March 7, 2011

Remember Your Heart?

I grew up under the "impress others" era. Because of my family's "standing" in the religious community, we were looked at as the elite, if you will. So just about everything I did and everyone's actions were held under a bright and extremely hot spot light - we were the "Jones". Well as I grew, and became even more outspoken then I am now, (can you believe that?), I began to step outside of the need for other's approval and embraced myself... so I thought. I was actually just being rebellious.

It is one thing to stand up for yourself, declaring to never again base your actions on someone's preconceived reaction (wow that was good), it is yet another to go completely against your own conscience. WOW when I started writing this, this was not what I was going to say... oh well WORK OUT SPIRIT! :0)

Through all my radical hairstyles, tattoos (which I want more, thank you very much), straightforwardness, and self-eagerness I can honestly say I am more myself when just being myself, then when I'm trying to prove I am myself. Nothing external makes me who or what I am, my ME is in the action I take based on the knowings of my conscious and spiritual mind. You follow?

So...even as adults we can be rebellious little hard-headed children who don't listen. When was the last time you did something that totally went against the fabric of who you really are? We tell our children this all the time..."Don't allow peer-pressure to make you do something you don't want to." - But adults do it almost everyday.... all day!

It's ok, we're grown now and are no longer running for prom queen. You remember your heart... now listen to it. :0) It's rough out there in the world at times and struggling to simply be you makes it even harder. Let's not prove, let's just BE.

So this week is going to be HUGE, let's claim it! DONE

MUAH, Happy Monday!


  1. WONDERFUL & AMEN !!! this really hit home!!!

  2. Wow. Best blog post I've read from you so far! You blew my mind with the 3rd paragraph, particularly "I am more myself when just being myself, then when I'm trying to prove I am myself.". Simply awesome. THANK YOU for sharing your heart with us!

  3. Kathy Bailey MeyersMarch 7, 2011 at 7:34 AM


  4. Thank you so much! I love connecting with you all. It really keeps me encouraged. MUAH, Megan

  5. Megan, what I love about you is that you hit me in all the right places... my heart, my intellect, my spirit... you just inspire me to be my BEST self... to want to LIVE this life, not just exist and/or survive. Thanks for loving your Blog/FB family. I sincerely love and admire you. xo

  6. Megan - this post really speaks to me. So many external elements push against the truth our heart quietly affirms. Listening to it is freedom. Thanks so much for this reminder.

    bettina de perez

  7. Hi CarrieMarie, thank you! I love this, "to want to LIVE this life, not just exist and/or survive." ME TOO! Beautiful and powerful affirmation.

    Hi Bettina, ooohhhh wwwweeee you've got some great ones too. I love ya'll!