Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 Things

Charlie Sheen is all over the media right now for his “outrageous” remarks as they pertain to everything from his excessive drug use, the former network that housed his popular show, to his astonishing sex life. While I am, as are most people, amused at his current tyrants I am even more amazed at the level a person will allow themselves to drift once they’ve let go of their focus.

This man was the highest paid actor in the industry for years, and I’m sure this was a goal he set for himself. However, as the good book says, “a people without a vision will perish”. We all know that money isn’t everything. We can also agree that money changes things (ie. lifestyle, mindset, energy, even beliefs… that’s why I know it’s better to know “knowing vs. believing).

Of course I’m not at liberty to divulge into Mr. Sheen’s past, because I don’t know him, but I will tell you a couple of things I’ve learned from these unfolding events;
1. Stay true to yourself. I’ve been saying this all along, but when you’re making 5 million a week you and the person making the deposits can began to merge.
2. Stay humble. Everything is a gift (reciprocity). I’m simply blessed to be a blessing PERIOD.
3. For Jesus’ sake, stay off the drugs! “Put the crack-pipe down, Sir”~WMLM
4. Keep The Focus. My passion is to aid people with their overall health (mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing). That is what drives me… and it is that that will leave a stamp on the lives of generations to come. Charlie may be known as the highest paid actor, but perhaps not much else.

Some of us are workaholics who don’t have anytime for their families much less themselves. Some of us are working hard towards a promotion, some are trying to start a company, some of us are just tying to make ends meet… While striving towards these worthy goals simply remember, 2 ½ Men.

It’s almost over people…. Friday will be here before we know it. MUAH! Fight the good fight. LOL :0)


  1. Wow Megan, the is wonderful writing !!

  2. he is a worthless,ungratefull human being and for his father to say his addiction is like cancer,I take offense to that,my BFF has terminal cancer and did not choose this disease,Charlie chose to drink,smoke etc and his addiction is a direct mirror in the face of parents that gave up contol of thier child long ago.As for the woman that associate with him,want to marry him and procreate with him,shame on them and they are as much an embarresment to woman as he is to men.People need to quit talking about,writing about,reading about him and he will go away!

  3. Thanks Megan your eloquency in stating simple facts keeps us grounded... You are a blessing so be blessed....

  4. Thank you Megan... for allowing God to use you with this very special gift he has given you.. I love watching and reading your material.. love your insights... as for Charlie Sheen..what a sad be standing at the rim of hell.. seeing the flames whip you around..and not feeling the heat..because satan has you so tightly in his grip.. yet.. making it appear as if .. he is living "the good life" is just pathetic... You wonder ..has anyone.. ever talked to him about God's love and saving grace.. Be blessed as you continue to bless us all... love long and love strong..

  5. Good advice, Megan. I love your videos especially, but you always have something uplifting to say.

  6. Megan, let's not forget that the poor bastard is on a manic tear. I don't know what his diagnosis is besides the fact that he obviously has some kind of drug problem - but he most definitely is manic and if he isn't taken care of soon the media will no longer have him to feed on. People just can't stop themselves from slowing down to look at that horrendous accident on any given freeway and they just can't help themselves from watching the demise of a human being as he goes up in flames. Then they get in their cars and go over the "Hooch" and throw their garbage out the window while making nasty comments about Charlie Sheen. Unconscious Mofos!

  7. Wonderful blog / wakeup call / warning / and good advice :-) Staying humble and being consciously grateful for all the good things I've got is my "religion". xo

  8. Hey EVERYONE! As usual I simply love your comments. I did want to say this though. Chucky (as I like to call him) is really doing what the media has allowed him to do and is currently PAYING him to continue doing. Rather then help him, they push someone who is already on the brinks of pure insanity, to go all the way over the hill, because it makes good television. This is why compassion is so necessary. I know he's making an idiot of himself, but we don't know the ins and outs. You know what I mean. I blame the media for not having any tact... I mean just look at the reality shows!!!! Thanks for your responses peoples. MUAH!