Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Consciously Digest

So it's Nutrition Awareness Month. Well I think it should be every month... but let's not shout on the blog. LOL I do however want to briefly say that I strongly believe nutrition is an overall way of life and a lifestyle that we live. Diets don't work as we know, short cuts don't work as we know, and simply doing nothing is self-destructive. The same goes for our emotional health.

Let's keep it short and sweet today. Don't take short cuts when it comes to you. What you feed your body is just as important as what you feed your mind (television, music, literature, etc.). What you digest mentally weighs just as heavily on your physical well-being as that box of cookies in the kitchen.

Here's something I say to persons who ask me for a "booster" when it pertains to their health & fitness (loosing weight)... "Keep it Old School! Go back to the basics." Exercise and Eat Right.... PERIOD. (oh sorry I said we weren't going to yell :0) It worked for our grandparents it'll work for us. Let's consciously digest.

MUAH! Happy Tuesday Peoples! I'm on my way to the gym right now. :0) Make it count!


  1. Oh my gosh........you just quoted everything I have said to my "Biggest Loser" class!!!! Almost word for word!!! I don't know, but I think we may be related somehow............=-)

  2. I love you long and I love you strong! Keep on tellin' the folks how it is! Love, Abigail

  3. Hi Laura! AWESOME you have a class. Are you there in FL? LOL we are probably cousins. Please tell everyone in the class I said "HI!" And to never give up!
    Hi Abigail Thanks Love MUAH!