Thursday, March 17, 2011

Same Same Same

"Show thine self approved"-Bible

There is a very small (like 35 page) pamphlet entitled "Gratitude is Key". I've had it for the longest, can't remember where I picked it up along the way, nor do I remember how many times I've read it. As I reread it yesterday I saw something in there that I've never seen before. Of course the overall objective of the book is to help us understand the importance of being thankful, but every now and then the author would throw in, a misplaced thought about thinking for yourself when it comes to God. This really stood out in my head, why? because, this is so common... well not common.

How many of us have witnessed three and four generations of pastors who have pastored the same church that their great-grandfather founded and every time you visit the sanctuary you hear the same sermon that that same great-grandfather preached in the early 1900's? The same context, the same text, the same whoopin, same same same. Because no one is studying for themselves and trying to expand on the magnitude of God.

It is said that every time you read the Bible you find out something else, something new is revealed. The same can be said about our relationship with God. Every time we speak with Him (not to Him... with means we're having a conversation... I like that), we are widening the reflection of Him within us - becoming a brighter light, a more passionate being, a greater self. Believing only what you were taught just because that's how your momma was raised is no longer getting the job done. Hey it's my blog :0)

Step outside the box, this world needs more kindness and compassion and if you ask me the old way is not suppling those needs.

Let's continue to keep Japan in our hearts and pray for protection from this crazy air-born radiation junk!