Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't let fame over shadow your humanity.

My sister called me last night and during that conversation she read to me something that she saw early in the day, which pointed to these tragic events happen on the 11th of these different months (ie. September 11th, March 11th, etc..). I then mentioned to her that a lot of people believe there is some truth in that movie 2012 and how I just don't understand why the industry would put out something so awful. That's not the point of this blog... the point is radical compassion.

I've spoken about this numerous times, so I wont go in great depth again today. But I will say that I don't understand how people can make tasteless jokes, mindless comments, and be just down-right mean in their commentary concerning this catastrophe. Gilbert Gottfried, whom I've always thought was very funny, has been subjected to DBSP, as he was recently fired from one of his jobs for twitting horrible remarks about this event. At what point do we stop being media whores and have some sort of class, dignity, and tact?

I will say this, my heart weeps for those who are too afraid to care. Don't let fame over shadow your humanity. This "I don't give a damn" Charlie Sheen attitude is no longer, and never was funny. Now everyone wants to jump on board because it's making Chuckie millions... but does he sleep well at night? I can't hear nobody!

It's raining here in ATL, so God must be weeping too. (I don't think that, but it sounded good right there.:0)

MUAH! Love on someone like it's the first time, it may be the last time. I hate to be so pessimistic, but it is the truth, right?

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  1. Megan, I wish i knew you personally. We'd be tight :0)