Friday, March 11, 2011

My Faith

Good Morning!

We were going to discuss waking up with a mind stayed on Jesus today, however, I wanted to share something else that is on my heart... if you don't mind :0)

A project that I'm very proud of (my reel), mainly because I was behind the scenes in the editing room for HOURS working on it, was uploaded on Youtube for all the world to see. I received a wealth of wonderful compliments about it and most of them made me cry with shear joy. Comments like; "You have made the world a better place and we are all better for it. Stay strong, hold tight to who you are and what you stand for girl!!!!! you are lighting up our mother earth with your own inner sunshine! Love ya! Mrssoappeddler 12 hours ago AND "Even with different glasses I'd recognize your smile. You are a beautiful person. I have sent your videos to all my friends. I wish you much success. You are the first person I've seen on the internet that I really think deserves success. That's the last message. Don't want to seem like some nut on the internet...oh wait...:)gfreakj 16 hours ago" How could you keep the tears from rolling when you read something like this? Then I began to weep in compassion for those who left comments questioning my faith. So I figured I would use my voice (blog) to lend some clarity. :0)

I am a person who lives a Christ-centered life based on my understandings of LOVE and the knowings of what LOVE is. While I worship in church every weekend, I still find it necessary, for me, to meditate (quieting the mind, body, and soul) every morning. Because, it grounds me and reconnects me daily to the Vine. In addition, yes I read and believe in the Bible, I also have read many literatures and began studying the foundational workings of a wider belief system which has not replaced or displaced my Biblical Morale. It (the widening) has only nudged me closer to an all-inclusive love for others, no matter what color, creed, or religious standings. I have developed a sense of compassion that I've never known before, a sense of peace and joy never yet experienced, and I am happy and proud of who I have become.

So yes, I love the Lord, He heard my cry. So yes, the time I spend one-on-one with Him is heavily serious every morning. And yes, I am not ashamed of who or whose I am.

You who read my blog and support me all over the world confirm God's love for me (my faith) and I thank you. I hope that my life journey (as it continues to unfold) blesses, encourages, sustains, and simply makes you smile. When you think of me, my prayer is that you laugh, not wonder... that you grin, not frown... that you see a reflection of your own joy in my smile.

It's Friday and I'm glad about it! I LYL LYS! MUAH... Thank YOU!


  1. He is DEFINITELY reflected through you! I'm thankful for you and pray He continues to bless others through your talents! Let your light SHINE my friend!! :-)

  2. WHO could ever doubt that your God given purpose is to raise up HIS people. Although it may not be from a pulpit with fire and still provide something that is so much needed in this day and time LOVE- universal and without and preconceptions......JOY....genuine and pure.... PEACE....calming and soothing....PATIENCE....u exhibit your tolerence level daily with us..and yet you still smile....Kindness.... it exhumes from the words you speak...I can go on and on but to those that are familiar with these characteristics they are the fruit of the spirit. I am greatful that I was chosen to bwe a part of your journey so I can learn some things to help me in my journey.God Bless you Megan and stay who you are.

  3. Hi, Megan! I first learned of you through one of your hilarious Atlanta Weather Update videos. You certainly made me laugh and smile! I am a Florida girl, so I have no tolerance for the cold either :)

    I am also a Christian and just wanted to encourage you in living and sharing your faith. I appreciate that your videos and blogs are both entertaining and enlightening. Keep it up!


  4. Megan, like Leah, I discovered you through your halarious Atlanta weather updates. You were so charismatic, funny, and sincere, that I googled you to find out more about you. In the process, I found your blog. I am blessed daily by your posts, Facebook status updates, and Youtube videos.

    I just read your post for today and am ABSOLUTELY FLOORED that ANYONE could or would question your faith!! While non of us are perfect, you embody what I believe being a child of God is. You are loving, encouraging, uplifting, compassionate and reflect God's love in all that you do! THAT, my friend, is what I believe being a good Christian is all about. It is not how often you are in the church, how closely you walk with the pastor, or how many times you utter "I am blessed and highly favored". We celebrate, honor, and praise God in how we conduct ourselves in our daily walk! And sister, you are doing the darn thing!!

    I am equally incredulous that there are folks who believe that exploring and embracing a broader belief system is somehow an indication that you have abandoned a Christ centered life. To me, that is akin to saying you now hate the color red becuase you decided to draw with the blue crayon.

    Sweetness, keep doing what you do, how you do it!! Love you long, love you strong!!

  5. I thank you for taking a stand for things that matter! God has blessed you and I know you continue to bless others!

  6. Megan, I shared one of your videos with a friend who is going through a tough time. She (and I) both appreciate your southernness and humor, as well as your obvious faith. Keep it up, girl! B

  7. Wow! This resonates so much with my own story, with exception of regular church attendance. I too find it very necessary to use other studies and meditation to stay grounded in the Christ spirit. It is a blessing to see that others, especially someone such as yourself, not only knows the benefit of Spiritual expansion and ascension, but are willing to share it with others. May you be continually blessed on your journey. Stay Light:)

  8. I have to say you are a true blessing in disguise...because of your youtube channel, you have motivated me to want to make a change. I was able to face my demon of failure and get back to the gym. I look forward to your words of encouragement to keep the fuel going. Ofcourse, it's my responsibility, but it's nice to have someone positive lead you the right direction. May God continue his blessings within you, for without our essence which is the Lord, we are truely nothing.

  9. Ms McGlover,

    Your love of the Lord shines through in everything I have seen. The fact that you are so passionate about what you do and that you are having fun is encouraging. So many people think that in order to serve the Lord means no fun and that just isn't true.

    I like so many others saw your "Weather Report" and had to know more. Whatever was poring out of you was exciting to me and I knew exactly what it was. I like you was raised in the church and I have the blessing of having a great foundation but have tried to put a different spin on it, one of blessing and encouragement.

    I googled you as well and have read many of your postings and it has been very uplifting for me. So many people want to make it about race and creed and looks and whatever negativity they can invoke, but I like so many others have looked deeper and can see that it is pure love, the love of Jesus that shows on your face. And the one thing about your message that encourages me the most and I hope more people feel this way as well, is that ANYBODY can have this same relationship with the Lord. ANYBODY! People do not realize that it isn't necessarily you but the Lord through you and ma'am you are doing a great job with it.

    I do check back often and would like to say your brightness uplifts me and gives me fuel. Thank you for being so willing to put yourself out there.

  10. I believe the world is craving a positive role model, and you are definitely one. Thank you. Good luck to you.

  11. WOWZERS! Thank you all for your comments, reading, and supporting me.
    To know that this many folks have honored me with their time lets me know I'm doing something right. :0) I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I will say it again, LYL LYS and you really encourage me to keep going. It gets rough indeed, but with the right perspective we WILL make it. MUAH, Megan