Monday, March 14, 2011

Start to Finish!

"Can you be submissive, when you're uninspired?" Bishop Allen

Yesterday I went to the church-house to hear the good word :0). The sermon was about marriage one to another and dedication to one's church. He went into how we should treat one another as Christ treats the church etc... then he made the statement "Can you be submissive, when you're uninspired?" - well I almost fainted! What a powerful question.

While having lunch I was asked what that meant to me and I said, "Steady as she goes. Can you stay the course even when the excitement is gone?" Will you stay in the gym, continue to eat healthy, when you don't see any weight coming off? Will you continue to have a good attitude at work even when you see no one else trying as hard? Will we continue to give our best in all that we do even when the bills keep piling up? Will you stay in your marriage... (outside of abuse of course, cause we don't play that!) The answer is YES YES YES!

We have to stay the course, regardless of what it looks like. That light at the end of the tunnel is still there. The vision that you saw for yourself when you set out to do this great thing, is still very possible. The process is not always the greatest, but we have to ask ourselves, "Did we start to finish?" Absolutely.

It's Monday again, which means we have yet another week to impress ourselves. Oh I liked that! I'm going to impress myself this week. I can't hear nobody!!! I love it.



  1. Megan, thanks! I needed that reminder to stay the course!

  2. Love that Megan! "I'm going to impress myself this week!"

  3. I needed that Megan! My week started off rough with my students cuttin' the plum fool! Thinking I was gonna catch a break when my brother came to my job, I realized that he was bringing bad grandmother passed away. Through it all, God has been great to me, so I've got to impress us both this week. Encouragement from your blog...thank you more than you know. I love you long! You know I love you strong! You can't be mistaken for stupid. :) Have a great week!

  4. @Michelle and Kimberly Thank you MUAH!
    @Jamie tell me what you did next Monday
    @Monica Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm praying for your and your family through this rough patch. I'm honored that I can encourage, please stay strong. MUAH, Megan

  5. I hope I impress myself and a few other people this week! I'm being laid off my writing/editing job at the end of the month. I loved that job; it's in the educational field, and I've been doing it for nearly 9 years. Education has really taken a hit with all these state budget cuts. So far I haven't found anything like that job, and I don't know how long to keep looking for a job I'll love before I give up and start fighting for a secretarial job so I can pay my mortgage! It would be very easy to curl up and suck my thumb, but I believe I'd rather be impressed with myself. LOL Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. "Can you be submissive, when you're uninspired?"

    WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWW. I almost hate you for this blog.