Friday, March 18, 2011

I Breathed! :0)

Well I don't know about ya'll but I impressed myself by not loosing my mind this week. WHEW, You GO Megan! seriously it got pretty dog-gone rough over here for a second and I had to "calm down" (a phrase that I don't particularly care for). I received a text last week, but didn't read it, then decided for some silly reason to read it this week (this technology arghh!). It was of course from a family member who hasn't really checked in (checked on) with me in a very long time. We all know how the story goes, they now (like always) needed something from me. Well it just rubbed me the wrong way, at the wrong time. But I learned a lesson.

We don't chose who we love, but we do chose whether we're going to love them or not. Wait did that make sense? Yes it did. I think we can all attest to having someone or even a few people in our lives that have the ability to work our last nerve. We can all say that, "Yes those closest to us, hurt us the worst." So what in the world do you do? You can't get rid of them, so you accept them. WOW!

I realized for myself that I may upset people all the time but I still want to be accepted and loved... so it's only fair that I give that in return. This person that sent me a text, probably thinks absolutely nothing of it, nor do they realize that I feel it was inconsiderate. It would be out of context to call them and "go off" just like it is out of context for me to allow it to upset me. We must recognize that what hurts us everyone may not be aware of, so we can't blame them for what they don't know. Right? I considered the fact that I've hurt others unbeknownst to me and did not mean them any harm, the same can certainly be said for others. So I did just that... I figured they just didn't realize and are probably having a hard time and a rough week too. So just let it go... and that felt so much better then stomping back and forth in my apartment. :0)

So that's what I did this week, BREATHED! Now off to motivate the babies. Pray for me that I can assist these little miracles into becoming aware of that miracle.

MUAH happy TGIF!!!! Thank you for reading and supporting me. I'm working out hard this weekend, I bet you that. :0) GO!


  1. Love it. Thanks for the reminder. A particularly rough week with a family member for me as well. Stomach in knots, etc. So right now, I will breathe and know that this too, shall pass.

  2. Fab. I love, "We don't chose who we love, but we do chose whether we're going to love them or not." Will use on my Facebook. Please do not charge me. LOL

  3. "Breathing"-A very valuable tool in our hectic lives. It can save us a lot of stress. Thanks

  4. Hello Ms McGlover,

    Ya know I have faced a similar situation myself recently. My dilemma was, "how DO I love someone that I find totally unlovable"? Because I feel like if I love someone I need to incorporate them in my life. And this is also a family member that I struggle with in this area. I then broadened my thinking on this and wondered what God said about that we have to love everyone and this sent my dilemma in a whole new direction.

    How can we possibly LOVE everyone. I thought I have to love murderers and thieves and drug dealers and my sister!!!!? And the Bible teaches us yes we do. And this is something that has perplexed me for a long time up until a few days ago actually.

    I was up in the early hours of the morning unable to sleep (I do this a lot) and I was channel surfing and came across a man preaching about love so I watched. He was speaking about Jonah. And this is what he was saying:

    Jonah was in a boat with fishermen and there was a raging storm, the seas were tossing this little boat and the fishermen were doing everything they could to keep this boat floating. They were throwing things overboard to lighten the boat but it still was being tossed and it seemed like nothing they did was helping, of them decided that Jonah was the problem. Over Jonah went and the storm settled and the men were safe.

    This preacher then said that our lives become like that storm, being tossed and disrupted and tumultuous because of the people we allow in our "boat". These people cause us problems because of the bad things they do. He then said that we need to love everyone as God instructed but was confused about how to love them and still keep his "boat" afloat. And then he said God told him this: "You can love them but you don't need to let them in your boat"!

    I had all kinds of bells and whistles ringing in my head when he said that. It all became clear to me, yes I can love them but I don't have to associate with them. I find it much easier to think of it this way.

    I always had issues with loving the unlovable and yes we must love everyone as instructed but we don't have to be involved in their lives.

    Yay :)

  5. I found the best way to handle someone "unloveable" is to just be compassionate and empathetic. Easy? No, but I have found it takes a lot less energy than 'going off' on them. Another great post Megan. Thanks : )