Thursday, March 10, 2011

You are Your Work Experience

There are some of us that hate going to work every morning... I mean literally dread getting out of bed because the thought alone makes us sick. There is someone there or a group of people that you don't get along with, that don't get along with you and are simply making your work experience... crap!

This blog is going to make some people upset, but what am I here for if not to make you think, right? :0) I'm not sure what it is about "work" that causes so much drama, but whatever it is, it takes two. Remember what we put out is usually what we get, and as we know this also pertains to our thoughts. So if the first thought in our head is how much we hate our job or those particular persons at it, I can promise you that your day will be just as awful as you claim. (Side note: We must stop waking up in stress. We'll talk about this tomorrow). Hold thoughts of gratitude when you rise, start your day off in the midst of love ("Woke up with my mind stayed on Jesus", remember that song?). When we do this we set the tone for our day. This attitude of "Lord please help me to "deal" with these *&^%$^&* folks"... is not a mind of compassion, it is calling that same attitude back to you.

I know that we get frustrated and say we don't care, but the reality is that we do. We turn enemies into allies when we stop being the victim. ohhhh weeeee that was serious! Let's read that again. No one is out to get you and no one is thinking about you that much... those are your thoughts (negativity) that are coming back to you. See what I mean? Of course you're not proclaiming bad things, but your undertone for all is not conducive to what you really want.

You want a better work experience? Then you know what to do, so just get to it.

I know you know I love you, but we need a little push every now and then, right? This has been straight-talk with MLM :0)

You ALL ROCK! I know I didn't post yesterday, but I was so busy and didn't want to force a word.

Let's finish this week out on TOP! MUAH!


  1. It's not that simple. I have worked with people who were most definitely out to get me because they'd been treated badly elsewhere and / or were unhappy or insecure in themselves and now had the status and ability to treat me badly. So the best I could do was ignor them and do damage control while doing my job. Not fun, but I did a good job and when the tide did finally turn and they lost power life got easier for me. Or I left, got a new job and life was easier.

    To brush aside the fact that some people bring hateful behavior to the workplace is too simplistic. Bullying exists in the workplace just as much as it exists in the school yard.......... and it's just as stressful.

  2. Hi Anonymous, you are right, bullying does exist even in the workplace and in a situation like that, you would need another job OR do as you did which is to ignore them. HOWEVER, what I'm talking about is "I have worked with people who were most definitely out to get me because they'd been treated badly elsewhere and / or were unhappy or insecure in themselves and now had the status and ability to treat me badly." How did you know they had insecurities and those reasons were why they treated you badly? This is what I mean by my blog. It is easier on us not to go this far into the thought of why. It is better, I think and you can tell me NOPE :0), if we deal with only what we know, and that is that if we hold those persons up in love and prayer 99% of the time something comes over them and they change. Because our perspective has changed.

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  4. Absolutely great response Megan. I know Anonymous has to feel frustrated, and we have all been there. I have been there trying to understand why someone is treating me a certain way and why our work is being compromised because of their attitude, but I literally started praying for them, my work environment, and myself. Perhaps, it wasn't all them, but instead me as well. Maybe I was responding or reacting off of pass actions, and I was no longer being fair. I hate the victim mentality, so it just had to stop. I cannot stand giving anyone power over me like that so I took it back by being positive and changing my actions to inspire a different reaction. I could go into the reasons why they were rude or nasty, but at the end of the day, I have no idea their steps of life. I don't know what happened in their morning, or the night before. As they don't know with me. So much of our energy is spent on the wrong things not just sometimes, but MOST OF THE TIME; and it's so exhausting. It would be nice to have been shown more courtesy, but the people we work with are not their to be our friends; and that's just the reality. We spend so much time at work that we try to make it into our home (when it is not our home) and place personal rules within its realms. Often times, we just need to focus on our job. Ignore the ignorants, and get them written up if you have to. Stay encouraged because it will get better, but you have to start with your own thought and reaction process.

  5. "place personal rules within its realms" Hi Confessional Therapist, I may need to write a blog on that statement right there! Powerful!

    You are so right that it does start with us. Thank you so much for response. right on time. MUAH