Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greater Later

Due to the enormous amount of pressure from all media outlets, we have been convinced that growing old is a death sentence. The plastic surgery, wrinkle-free skin care cream, anti age mask, hair dyeing - industry makes billions every year, because we've been told that when men grow old they become handsome (as long as they don't go bald), but women just get older.

While thinking about this yesterday, I realized how happy I am at my age. There's no way in the world that I would replace the wisdom I have now, just to be 21 again... especially in this day and age. Maturity is a valuable gift that really can not be replaced and most certainly comes with the wisdom in age. For every grey hair there's a story and a lesson that has brought internal peace, that can not be bought. I remember the days when I would get so upset over little things, making mountains out of moe hills because I lacked the maturity, experience, and age to realize somethings are just not worth the stress.

Growing old is a blessing, let's not rush it, but we should embrace it. Whether you say we're growing old gracefully, the older the berry the sweeter the juice, or whatever the fact is, it gets greater later!



  1. So true Megan. After all of our "life experiences" I have finally learn NOT to sweat the small stuff.

  2. I'm telling you! That small stuff is what makes you old quick. HELLO! I'm over it. MUAH!

  3. If I had the choice to revisit 21 or shoot myself, POW POW!