Monday, March 5, 2012

Didn’t We Almost Have It All

It is the second day (the first work day for most) in yet another week. Can you believe it’s March already?! Slow down. ☺ As I mentioned on the 1st of this month I am picking Whitney Houston songs and giving my “spin” on or of them. Because Shelea Frazier was so gracious to do a wonderful tribute, I’m using her first few songs and then will continue for the remainder of the month with more random choices.

With that being said, STOP WASTING TIME. Please. I’m not sure what happened or when it happened that we as a people (human beings), females in particular, adopted this idea that we have to stay in a loveless situation regardless of how awful we feel. Perhaps it came about because we have been told that women who are in and out of relationships are (ummm let me say this nicely LOL) “dirty” or loose. Perhaps it’s because for centuries women have had to humble themselves from head to toe, inside and out in order to “go along”… or perhaps it’s a religious viewpoint. Regardless of how it came about, we should really look into it more deeply and change some things.
Love whether it be a romantic Love or a friendship Love, is supposed to be a joyous adventure. It is meant for us to experience God when we experience Love – and from what I’m seeing, ain’t no God in most of it. My Mom used to tell me a few years ago how loving God is, how kind and wonderful… now whether you believe in God or not, the point is that human interaction was meant to be a gift…that you actually want, not something that you grudgingly accept because that’s all they have to offer.

Take the time and be with someone or have a relationship with someone that makes you say; “The ride was worth the fall my friend” ~W.H. Enjoy life while you have it.

LYL LYS, Megan


  1. I am not a woman, but I see the truth in what you are saying. We are gifts to one another and should be treated as such. The gift of relationship on many levels is genderless and on other levels gender specific but the rules are the same. Life is too short to play. You are all you got, so make the most of it by sharing your joy with others. Jesus poured himself out for us and we killed him for it, but that was the plan. You can never out give God! Pour your life into those around you and you will see. You will laugh all the way to the grave!