Thursday, March 22, 2012

Million Dollar Bill

WHEW! Ok so it’s been difficult thinking about what I would write today, when I just heard that the coroner reported that he found cocaine and marijuana in WH’s blood. ARGH!!!! Was I naïve and hoped it wouldn’t be there, YES! I was hoping it was prescription drugs and a unhealthy mix of alcohol… but I’m sure in many ways I knew better. BUT in my disappointment, I still need to find the good and see the wonder and beautiful message in her songs. So here it is. ☺

Is it safe to say that Whitney didn’t feel like a Million Dollar Bill? I think so. Kevin Costner expressed that she never felt “good enough” and her daughter Bobbi Kristina attest to the same thing during the Oprah Winfrey interview. Good Lord don’t let that be you!

It’s not up to others to lift us up, it’s up to US… however it certainly helps when they do. Right? I begging you (and me), continue to see that beautiful person in the mirror, continue to try and push to manifest that glory you envision. Make yourself feel like a Million Dollar Bill. When we don’t it’s deadly, literally. The hopeless, worthless feeling that WH had was so unbearable that she couldn’t handle it. Find Your Good!
1. Eat Better
2. Exercise
3. Paint your nails and toes
4. Go for long walks in nature
5. Hang out with friends and family
6. Enjoy your life… even at work
7. Love LOVE Love

LYL LYS! Megan McGlover

FYI I still can’t respond on this stoopid thing… so please be patient my peoples. ☺ THANKS


  1. "It’s not up to others to lift us up, it’s up to US"..........Wise words Megan!! Thank you!

  2. I don't think it was naive at all to hope that the tox report on WH came back clean. I wanted so bad for it to be clean so people would shut up and quit judging her. We are all the time wanting people to straighten up and change, but how many people will actually back up, have some hope and optimism, and LET them change? So many people wrote her off as worthless because of her problems with the substances, but she was amazing and will be greatly missed. I'm going to try to find my good every day. Thanks!