Thursday, December 16, 2010

Be Grateful for the Dirt

A Lotus flower (which I have tattooed on my arm) grows in mud… not just dirt that you can brush off, but nasty, slushy, stick to you skin until you wash it off, mud. The meaning of this beautiful Lotus in Buddhism is to understand the ongoing-ness of cause and effect AND to know, in simpler terms, you will become a flower even through the mud.

But it seems to me that the mud gets a bad rep. Well what do you mean Megan? I’m so glad that you asked. :0) See, mud is a nutrient, it is the soil, it is the first mothering to your roots. Mud baths can make your skin beautiful, mud can make a hut, mud is the ground work of human flesh (Remember Adam?)… so to bring it around, when we look at mud, the slushiness in our lives, think about what mud is helping us to become.

Respect even the mud in your life, it’s making you grow more rapidly!

Thanks O.C. Allen, III for an amazing Bible service last night.


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  1. WT commented that I should remember that as the Lotus flower grows, it drops off more seeds in the mud, so that more flowers can grow. GREAT POINT!