Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally Forgiven

In a conversation with a friend last night, my parents came up. My mouth opened and out came, “I was truly blessed with two of thee most talented people in the world. They weren’t perfect but because of them, I’m me and I’m so grateful to God for my parents…” At the time I wasn’t really paying that much attention to what I said, but this morning my eyes filled with tears of joy and pride. I have finally forgiven! We say it all the time don’t we? “Oh I forgave that person, blah, blah” But Oprah said forgiveness is what? The moment you no longer wish things had been different to begin with. As I type the tears are streaming down my face because I wouldn’t have my life be any other way.

Remember it’s not the trails, it’s the journey. It’s not the test, it’s His Love. What a wonderful blessing to be free from regret.

Thanks Mommy and Daddy!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Please call me! Lost your number with all the data in my phone.


  2. Hey Fleace, now I see the comment. LOL