Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blessing me Right NOW!

Most of us know this song right? “The Lord is bless’in me, right now, OOOOO right now…” Well anyone who reads this please go to Youtube and check out Avery Sunshine’s version of it.

NOW is the part of this song that makes me smile… I realize that NOW is always a current constant. Right Now is always present. Without the constraints or limits of time, NOW is in-between time itself. Now just left, but is back again without change or movement. So Blessing Me Always…without fail, without cause, without transform… just now.

How does that make you feel? While in trails, circumstances, mystery, are we conscious of the now? The blessings of right now? Let’s take a minute and focus on digesting into our systems that “The Lord is Blessing Me, RIGHT NOW”. Traditional Buddhist would consider this as a form of being in a constant meditative state – you’re conscious of every step you take, or aware of every single thought you have. The Bible puts it this way, Always have a prayer in your heart and on your lips.(para-phrase) Imagine the joy we can experience when we concentrate on continued Blessings and not problems.

It’s Wednesday, MAKE IT AWESOME!


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