Friday, December 17, 2010

You Gotta Trim the FAT

Some of us may already know this and some may not… All fat ain’t bad. The body actually needs some fat for energy. For example, when a person does not eat, they become very lethargic and drained, because they have no fuel (food). We can not live on fruits and veggies wholly, we also need carbohydrates and protein AND fat. But all fat ain’t good either. Some saturated fats, over processed fats, and chemically altered fats not only cause great weight gain, it can present great danger to your overall health.

Some people are there to help and some people have been over processed by life, negatively altered by their past, and saturated with simply being unnecessary. Some people provide nourishment and some are weighing you down mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and could be physically (if you eat when you’re stressed… think about it). Hence we trim the fat. Now trimming the fat is a very good thing, because you don’t trim it all, just what you don’t need… that excessive waste.

We must realize that our food (our lives) will not loose all flavor (our identity), just because we trim what we were told holds the seasoning (truth)… The meat is what we really need, all else is there for enjoyment.

So if you’re not enjoying your fat, TRIM IT!

MUAH! I love you :0)

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