Monday, December 13, 2010

Sometimes You have to Ride an ASS.

Needless to say, I am in-love (passionately) with my Bishop. Yep I said that. I will fight over him.(LOL) Now I see why women fall head over hells and act so ignorant behind a man of God.

When O.C. Allen III said “Sometimes you (Mary) have to ride an ass (donkey) to get to the place (Bethlehem) you need to be in order to birth your blessing (Jesus)”… I thought I was going to literally pass out on the floor. A prophetic word spoken with audacity moves my Spirit! I’m telling you.

Today consider this statement. Recognize the asses in your life and appreciate them, because they are the catalyst assisting you into your next phase of life and it more abundantly. “Literally your perception is more then half the battle… it can be the victory.” - MLM Once you see the asses in your life as victorious hurdles you will have a much better day… trust me.

I’m blessed just to be blessed. MUAH

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