Friday, December 10, 2010

The Fullest Expression of Myself

When I write in my blog I try to allow God to speak through me, for me, and to me. These blogs are not just a way to encourage others, but it is another form of expression of me. Last night while watching Barbra Walters Special on Oprah Winfrey (who is one of my favorite person’s of all time), she (OW) responded to a question with, “I’m seeking the fullest expression of myself”. I almost passed out! So simplistically profound! DEEP! I almost passed out because that verbiage is always on my lips – expression.

I am a firm believer that we (all) are an individual expression of God. Yes a lot of Christians don’t want to hear that and believe I’m headed in the 5%’ers direction… However I’m sure we all know I don’t care. :0) As I wrote last week, “I am a creation that creates”, we are much more then we may be too afraid to accept. Nevertheless we are still just that great.

I vow to continue seeking fullest expression of myself, accepting all that I see of myself, gracefully, passionately, and loving every single part of who/ what I am.

Have a blessed weekend Ya’ll! MUAH

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