Wednesday, December 15, 2010


One of my favorite songs by Daryl Coley is entitled Integrity.

As I’ve been on this journey to become the fullest Me, the truest Expression of God (Expression is capitalized for a reason… think about it. WHEW), I realized that I have been entrenched with a-whole-lotta pride… and not the good kind. But because this was the cloth I was wrapped in since birth, I’ve had great struggles ridding myself of it and even recognizing its presence (still) in many areas of my life. On Sunday morning I had one of those A-HA moments. People were asked to stand who didn’t may their tithe, now that part wasn’t the issue, it was the next thing, “God I’m praying for their finances, etc…” my pride began roaring like a rabid lion. Then the words, “if there is any place that you should be honest, it’s in the House of God.” Well I stood my self right on up at that point, fighting this dragon of pride within. Thinking to myself, why do I have this much pride STILL!? What’s the problem?

Gently I said to myself, “You’re becoming You, it takes time to be this magnificent.” Surely but SURELY, I’m making changes based on the decision I’ve already made to be my fullest self – embracing all that I find with kindness, compassion, and love.

See I love myself, even the parts I’m changing. Why? Because I know those issues will get changed. I trust myself to be true to myself (Expression), and have faith that whenever I have to fight that lion of pride, I will always win until it is completely destroyed.

Today be completely true to yourself, regardless.

Hey, have a PERFECT day!

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