Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What you did it what you're doing

A friend of mine Fleace Weaver once said in an email or some kind of communication, that what you're doing now will affect you 2 to 5 years from now and what you did 2 to 5 years ago is affecting you now. That isn't the exact quote but you get the gest. I never forgot this. It really makes you stop and think about what you're doing, doesn't it?

If we take the time to reflect on the situations we're in now we may see a direct line to a choice we made several years ago. It may have been a good choice or a not so good one but you can see how it has lead you to your current state. Years ago when I read that comment from my friend I began making a very conscience effort to work on my Spiritual Life. I began reading, studying, exploring other views and other perspectives. I began making choices based on what I wanted to manifest later. Ofcourse along that road I made some wrong turns (or did I?) ... The point I'm making is I can honestly see the beneficial payoff. Ask yourself, "Self, what has been my payoff? " if you don't like what you see, make a change immediately.

Start today! Know that everything does not react to our choices right away, don't stabb yourself in the foot years from now over a silly decision today.

Let's ROCK now!!!! MUAH.
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