Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Know Your Buttons

Can we really get mad at someone for pissing us off? (yes I said pissing… it’s my blog LOL) My answer to this question is No. Energy and vibrations are very real, so when you wear your buttons on your sleeve you might want to expect them getting pushed.

Now what does this mean? GET OVER IT! LOL you didn’t think I was going there huh? Our buttons are simply old wounds that we haven’t allowed to heal. I use the word allowed because natural law wants a wound to heal, whether physical or emotional, but we refute that healing process for fear of loosing our identity, our worth, our significance, whatever it is… whatever the reason… we hold desperately on to that which pains us to even think about. That thought is attracting more attention to the wound, bringing more pain. Bringing more people in, giving even more attention to that sore!

Heal your wounds, Heal your pain, Heal your Spirit! Then no one can tick you off… this is just my thought.

MUAH, Are you having a good day? Well you should be!

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