Thursday, December 30, 2010

Misery Loves Company…

Now we do realize that misery loves company, right? I mean I don’t have to spend an entire paragraph proving to you that, those who are miserable like to have someone to bounce misery off of, right? Let me take it a little deeper… because it’s my blog (LOL)… Negativity is an energy, same as Positivity. When someone comes to you and says, “OMG I just love your energy, your Spirit…” They’re commenting on your positive energy, that has attracted the positive-ness in them. Now, the same goes on the opposite of that. Negativity as an energy attracts the negative-ness in others. In Buddhism particularly Nichren Diashonin Buddhism, it is said that there are equal parts (negative and positive) residing in our life conditions and it is your perspective and/or how you control those parts that bring complete happiness. Ok but without going all deep into that let’s get back to the gut of this post.

DUMP YO MISERABLE FRIENDS! I hate to say it this way, but this is a great example. A wonderful woman who does my colonics (yep), in Los Angeles once told me this, “Don’t have friends that are overweight. You will become overweight before you help them get skinny.” Now of course she was not telling me to be a pumpas arrogant ass, she was just explaining that you are the company you keep. “Crack heads can only date crack heads.” –Chris Rock. *My apologies if that was too krasp, please know I’m saying it in love*

If you realize, when you realize that a friend or group of friends are constantly being negative and pulling you down… DUMP ‘EM… just that simple. That energy is very powerful and always will affect your Spirit.

2011 on the way… get it right, get it tight!



  1. It is a hard thing to move on from a group where you have grown comfortable. One of my favourite social work professors once told me that you must align yourself with people that are what you want to be. It makes sense.

  2. Megan, thank you so much for this post!! It reaffirms a decision I made to disassociate myself from a whole group of people. It wasn't done in a spirit of meanness, but the friendships were damaging my spirit, and preventing personal growth. I've come to understand that it is ok to reject that which is not good for you and doesn't help you reach your highest good!! It is not easy, nut is sometimes necessary.

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