Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I’m Encouraged

Yesterday I received a response on here (my blog) that rocked me. I was uncomfortable at the thought that someone would actually think that I, me, Megan McGlover would try to take the Glory away from God. Then I received pure encouragement from those who I didn’t realize I had affected. God is truly good.

I had to realize that when you’re stretching the parameters of thought, consciousness, understanding(s), and awareness you may come up against (should come up against) things that will challenge your own beliefs. O.C. Allen III said in a sermon, “You think you going to get all these blessings and not have to pay for them?” I appreciate God using me as proof of His wonderfully manifested power and LOVE. “Use me, until you use me up.” – for the betterment of myself and those who seek the miraculous-ness of self-empowerment.

I am that I am, and who I am IS an Expression of Love and this reigns true for each and everyone of us. Today remember that winds my blow, but if you’re grounded, they’ll never knock you over.

I love you and thank all of those who Encourage Me.


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  1. I just discovered you via your weather update sent from my sister to me on Facebook.After reading a few of your blogs,I can say that I will be reading even more of them.You certainly don't have to impress me,but you did! God bless you as you teach His people about their health!Great grace to you!